Naturopathic Medicine is an investment into your future… training to enjoy your later years in a healthful, vital way.

Our Team

Dr. Katherine Kremblewski, ND
Dr. Katherine Kremblewski, NDNaturopathic Doctor, Bowen Therapist, Certified Cosmetic Acupuncturist
Dr. Katherine Kremblewski, ND graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario, where she currently lives and practices… (continue reading).
Dr. Meghan Bauer BSc, ND
Dr. Meghan Bauer BSc, NDNaturopathic Doctor
Dr. Meghan Bauer Bsc, ND has a general family practice with a special interest in stress based conditions, hormonal health, mental and emotional wellness and in particular healthy sleep…(continue reading).
Dr. Vivian Bizios, ND
Dr. Vivian Bizios, NDNaturopathic Doctor, Bowen Therapist
Dr. Bizios ND has been practicing naturopathic family medicine since 2001. Although she continues to practice as a generalist, she sees an overwhelming majority of patients presenting with some type of hormonal imbalance.(continue reading).
Karen Mitton MSW, RSW, BEd
Karen Mitton MSW, RSW, BEdClinical Social Worker/Therapist
As a strong believer in the body’s orientation towards health and its ability to achieve it, working amongst naturopaths feels like a great fit for my therapy practice. Just as the body is oriented towards healing itself, so is the brain. However, memory storage can get blocked by negative experiences, trauma and/or unmet developmental needs, causing these memories to take up a disproportionate amount of our headspace. (continue reading).
Harmonie May
Harmonie MayClinic Administrator
Harmonie is our Clinic Administrator. She is the friendly voice on the other end of the phone, the smile that greets you at the door and here to help… (continue reading).

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